"Augustine, Aquinas, and the Apologetics of the New Reformation(s)"

 Thursday 13 July 2017 to  Sunday 16 July 2017

Immaculate Conception Seminary, Huntington, Long Island, NY

For information contact:



● Fr. Pawel Tarasiewicz (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Lublin, Poland) , “The Common Sense Personalism of St. John Paul II” (2014)

● Sr. Margaret Obrovac (Daughters of St. Paul), "Transformed by Christ, Master of Uncommon Sense" (2014)

● Fulvio Di Blasi (Thomas International/Novareté): “The Good Atheist and Natural Law Theory”; and Roberta Bayer (Patrick Henry College) “James Wilson: A Defense of the Aristotelian Tradition of Natural Law” (2015)

●Terry Berres (Center for the Study of The Great Ideas) talks about Moritmer J. Adler, Max Weismann, and The Center for the Study of The Great Ideas (2015)

● Gregory Sadler (Marist College/Reason IO): “Dynamics of Anger and the Difficult Good: Implications for Organizations and Leadership” (2015)

● Curtis L. Hancock (Rockurst University): “Truth in Religion: Exclusivism, Pluralism, or Inclusivism?”; Benjamin Block (Catholic University of America): “Confirmation and the Evidentialist Objection against Christianity”; Rev. William McVey (Adler-Aquinas Institute) “Aquinas and Alcoholics Anonymous: ‘I-am-spiritual-but-not-religious’” (2015)

● Lois Eveleth (Salve Regina University): “The Lure of Pantheism”; Sebastian Mahfood (Holy Apostles College and Seminary):“Mosquito Mating Habits and the New Atheism: An Investigation of How Dawkins’ ‘Memes’ are Shaping the Conversation”; and Robert Delfino (St. John’s University): “The Failure of New Atheism Morality” (2015)

● Richard Fafara (Adler-Aquinas Institute): “Is Philosophical Atheism Possible?”; Fr. Ronald Hurl (Catholic University of America): “God and Philosophy as a Way of Life for Etienne Gilson”; and Stacy Trasancos (Holy Apostles College and Seminary): “What did Stanley Jaki mean when he claimed Science was Born of Christianity?: How to Tell the Story and Why Telling it Matters” (2015)

● Fr. Pawel Tarasiewicz (Adler-Aquinas Institute/ International Étienne Gilson Society):”State vs. God: On Atheistic Implications of European Statism”; and Fr. Tomasz Kopiczko (Elk Seminary-Warmia and Mazury University, Poland): “Analyzing the ineffectiveness of Catechesis in Poland” (2015)

● Fr. Pawel Tarasiewicz (Adler-Aquinas Institute/International Étienne Gilson Soceity):“St. John Paul II: Apostle of the New Evangelization”; and Sr. Margaret Obrovac (Daughters of St. Paul): “Crossing The Threshold of Hope into the Media Culture” (2015)


● Terry Berres (Center for the Study of The Great Ideas) reflects on Mortimer J. Adler and Adler's work on "War and Peace"

● Roberta Bayer (Patrick Henry College), “Seeking a Reasonable Foundation for Peace”

● Lois Eveleth (Salve Regina University): “Professional Responsibility and Conflicts of Interest”; and

Fr. Tomasz Kopiczko (Elk Seminary-Warmia and Mazury University, Poland), The Apostolic Activity of a Leader in the Church”

● Mariana Barillas (Author/Freelance Reporter): “Some Critical Thoughts about the Scientific Pedagogy of Critical Thinking”

● Peter A. Redpath (Aquinas School of Leadership), “Why Nothing Short of the Moral Psychology of Estimative Intelligence can Hope to Educate Present and Future Leaders to Promote Global Peace”

● Rev. William McVey (Adler-Aquinas Institute), “On the Nature of Estimative Intelligence and the Essential Role it Plays in Moral and Leadership Education”

● Heather Erb (The Great Books Academy/Angelicum Academy): “Aquinas’s Mystical Theology as the ‘Business of all Businesses’”©; and Robert Delfino (St. John’s University), "Theology for Nones: Helping People find God in a Secular Age"

● Fr. Pawel Tarasiwicz (Adler-Aquinas Institute): “Witness and Contemplation”; Rev. A. William McVey  (Adler-Aquinas Institute): “Why the Contemporary World Sorely needs Ragamuffin Scholastic Contemplatives”;  Patrick S.J. Carmack  (Adler-Aquinas Institute): “The Diminished State of Theological Education and Remedies Proposed.”

● Peter A. Redpath (Aquinas School of Leadership): “How the Organizational and Behavioristic Psychology of St. Thomas Aquinas can Help Educate Present and Future Leaders to become Grand Masters of Competition and Living in our Intensely-Competitive Digital Age”



The École Pratique des Hautes Études Celebrates Gilson as Part of its 150th Anniversary Celebration in 2018

The École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris is pleased to announce that it will include a series of events related to the work of Étienne Gilson as part of the celebration of the school's founding in 1868. For more information about the celebration, see:

or contact Coordinateur de l’événement Michel Cacouros, Maître de conférences Habilité, Sciences Historiques et Philologiques at:

● Listen to The Catholic Cave Radio Podcasts

On 07 December 2016, Dr. Peter Redpath gave another interview with Marc Tuttle and Tim O’Donnell on the Catholic Cave Radio Podcast. The interview concerned the second volume of A Not-So-Elementary Christian Metaphysics and some related topics. The link is immediately blow:

You might also find these prior broadcasts of interest:

● St. John Bosco Schools and Chesterton Academy of Rochester 9th Annual Gala Dinner

Catholic Education Foundation President Joe Indelicato has informed me the the next annual St. John Bosco Schools will take place on 04 February 2017 at the Locust Hill Country Club, 2000 Jefferspn Road, Pittsford, NY 14534. A Mass will be conducted at 5:00 PM at the Carmelite Monastery, 1931 Jefferson Road, Pittsford, NY 14534. Mass will be followed by a Cocktail reception and silent auction will start at 5:30 PM, and dinner at 7:30 PM. For more information about the event, contact Deirdre Rauch at:

● The Catholic Information Center, Washington, DC

See the following link for upcoming and prior events at The Catholic Information Center in DC:

● The Athens Center for Education and Research (ATINER) Panel on the Philosophy of Plato

On behalf of ATINER (a world association of academics and researchers based in Athens), Dr. Mark Burgin (a Visiting Scholar at UCLA, USA) has issued a "Call for Papers" as part of a panel of "The Philosophy of Plato in the 21st Century" (03 to 04 January, in Athens, Greece) at the 4th Annual International Conference on Humanities and Arts in a Global World."

Those wishing to submit a proposal should email it, before 21 November 2016, to Dr. Burgin at this address:

Registration fee is 540 Euros (which includes accomodations during the days of the Conference, participation in all Conference sessions, breakfast, 2 lunches, and all taxes. If you need more information, please let Dr. Burgin know.

Conference language will be English for presentations and discussions. Abstracts should be 200 to 300 words in length and should include names and contact details of the author. All abstracts will be blind reviewed according to ATINER's standards and policies. Acceptance decisions will be sent within 4 weeks of following submissions.

If an author wishes to have a paper considered for publication in AITNER's series, he or she should submit it one month before the Conference.

Dr. Burgin would also like to inform colleagues that the April issue (Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2017) of the Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts  has been uploaded to: http//

● The Metaphysical Society of America, 68th Annual Meeting 

The "Call for Papers" for the 30 March 2017 to 02 April 2017 meeting of The Metaphysical Society of America at the Hillel Center at Harvard University(related to the topic  "The Metaphysics of Contingency: East and West") is now available. For more information about this meeting, including being a session Chair/Commentator, see

The Sixth Thomas Aquinas International Society Conference

The Sixth Thomas Aquinas International Society Conference, entitled “The Human Person: Id quod est perfectissimum in tota natura (Summa theologiae I,29,3),” will be held in Bologna on April 20-22 2017. 

The Conference will be divided into 4 sessions regarding Aquinas’s thought on the human person from the historical, metaphysical, ethical, and political point of view, respectively. Each of these sessions will have invited speakers (who will have approximately 40 minutes at their disposal) and presentations provided on a call for papers basis (each of one will occupy 15 to 20 minutes). A fifth session will consist of a competition among multimedia projects to promote the knowledge of Aquinas’s thought in our days.

For information, see:,


● The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America

Go to this link for details about the 25 to 27 February 2017 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America in Boston:

● Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, Report about NEH Summer Seminar

Check out this link: to the webpage for The Society for Medieval and Renaissance for a multitude of events and opportunities you might find of interest.

Of special interest to some colleagues might by SMRP's report by Jon McGinnis of the following NEH seminar:

In summer 2017 Jonathan Jacobs will be directing a four-week NEH Summer Seminar for College and University Faculty on "Will, Commandment, and Human Perfection in Medieval Jewish Philosophy" 
The website for the seminar is: 
For more information contact:
Jonathan Jacobs, Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, Director, Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics,
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Doctoral Faculty of Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center, Office phone: 646-557-4531

● The Telos-Paul Piccone Institute 2017 Annual Conference

In collaboration with Deutsches Haus at New York University, and organized by Joseph Bendersky, Virginia Commonwealth University, The Telos-Paul Piccone Institute will hold its next annual conference from 14 to 15 January on the topic: "Asymmetrical Warfare: The Centrality of the Political to the Strategic"

Dr. Steven Metz will deliver the keynote address “Future Conflict and the Conceptual Prison of Asymmetry.” Dr. Metz is Research Professor and Director of Research at the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute. He previously served on the faculty at the Air War College and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Among his monographs are Iraq and the Evolution of American Strategy and Defining War for the 21st Century. His numerous articles have appeared in the Washington QuarterlyThe National Interest, and Defense Studies.

For Conference information, go to:

● Registration is Now Open for the 30th Anniversary Conference of the National Association of Scholars

Go to this link to register and check the program for the 20 to 21 January 2017 annual meeting of the National Association of Scholars:

The meeting's chief topic is: "Securing Liberty: Rebuilding American Education in an Era of Illiberal Learning." It is being held in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Advance Center for Free Enterprise"

● Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland, International Congress related to the Biblical Commentaries of St. Thomas Aquinas

An International Congress, co-sponsored by Faculty of Theology at The Nicolaus Copernicus University and the Thomistic Society in Warsaw. Principal organizes are Fr. Piotr Roszak, Dr. Jörgen Vijgen, and Prof. Dr. Wojciech Pikor, will be hosted from 24 to 26 April 2017.

For more information, including a “Call for Papers” concerning St. Thomas’s biblical commentaries and renewal of a biblical theology, see

Call for Proposals for the Symposium Thomisticum, Porto, Portugal, June 2017

Fran O'Rourke informs me that he is accepting proposals for parallel sessions at next year's Symposium Thomisticum which takes place in Porto, Portugal, 22 to 24 June 2017. The topic of the Symposium is "Aquinas and Modern Thinkers," but papers in parallel sessions may be on any aspect of Aquinas. Fran reminds me that Porto is a beautiful city and Portugal a wonderful country to visit. Bed and Breakfast in the diocesan conference centre for four days is less than $100! Details are available at or google Symposium Thomisticum.

● Aquinas and "the Arabs"

For information about Richard Taylor's "Aquinas and the 'Arabs'" International Working Group and upcoming conferences and seminars hosted by this organization, see:

John Paul II Forum for the Church in the Modern World

Please check out our colleague John P. Hittinger’s yeoman’s work at the University of St. Thomas in Houston:

● Thomisitc Institute, Washington, DC, Upcoming Events around the East Coast

Recently, Fr. Thomas Joseph Whilte, OP, has been helping to organize many events in different locations of the Northeast that should be of interest to our colleagues. Check them out at: