About Our Affiliates

In working to develop coaching strategies, educational programs, exCenter for the Study of The Great Ideas Blog:ecutive training seminars, and conferences, the Aquinas School of Leadership calls upon the help of leaders and members of the organizations immediately below and their affiliates. Please click on the organizational names below for information about our affiliates:

Adler-Aquinas Institute: http://www.adler-aquinasinstitute.org/

Angelicum Academy: http://angelicum.net/

Aquinas Leadership International: http://www.adler-aquinasinstitute.org/

Blog of the Courtier: http://blogofthecourtier.com/

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: http://www.carnegiecouncil.org/about/welcome.html

Catholic Distance Learning Network: http://www.catholicdistance.org

Catholic Education Foundation: http://www.catholiceducationfoundation.com/

Center for the Study of The Great Ideas: http://www.thegreatideas.org/

Center for the Study of The Great Ideas Blog:http://thegreatideasfromthegreatbooks.blogspot.com/

Great Books Academy: http://www.greatbooksacademy.org/

Holy Apostles College and Seminary: http://www.holyapostles.edu/

Ignatius Press: http://www.ignatius.com/

International Etienne Gilson Society: http://www.gilsonsociety.pl/

London Center for Policy Research: http://www.londoncenter.org/

Pauline Books and Media: http://www.pauline.org/

Priority Thinking, LLC: http://www.prioritythinking.com/

Sacred Heart Institute: http://www.cor-jesu.org

Studia Gilsoniana online journal: http://www.gilsonsociety.com

The Real Distinction: http://therealdistinction.com/

Value Inquiry Book Series, Brill/Rodopi: http://www.rodopi.nl/senj.asp?SerieId=VIBS

Website of James V. Schall: http://faculty.georgetown.edu/schallj/