● University Abat Oliba and the Holy Apostles College and Seminary Thomistic Studies Graduate Concentration in Christian Wisdom

The Spanish government has recently approved a new doctoral program at the Abat Oliba CEU University. Founded in 2003, the University Abat Oliba is a private higher education institution located in Barcelona, with branch campuses in Madrid and Moncada. The new program will be in humanities in the contemporary world, and offers three areas of research: history and society, philosophy and thought, and literature and artistic creation. Holy Apostles College and Seminary has a special arrangement with UAO for students wishing to do doctoral work in Thomistic Studies.


Universitat Abat Oliba CEU (UAO), located in Barcelona, is one of three Spanish universities belonging to the San Pablo CEU University Foundation.  San Pablo University CEU in Madrid and Cardenal Herrera University CEU in Valencia comprise the other two universities.  San Pablo University CEU leads the Foundation which was established by the Catholic Association of Propagandists in 1933. “CEU” stands for Centro de Estudios Universitarios or Center of University Studies.

Prior to 2016, UAO offered two doctoral programs in: (1) Thomistic Studies and (2) Humanities and Social Sciences. These programs will phase out in September 2017 and no longer accepts new students. 

The San Pablo CEU University Foundation gained approval from Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports to establish an international school of doctoral studies called CEINDO (CEU Escuela Internacional de Doctorado). CEINDO offers several doctoral programs and students can now benefit from the resources of all three universities depending on their research interests.

CEINDO’s newest doctoral program is “Humanities for the Contemporary World” which offers three areas of research: (1) "History and Society"; (2) "Philosophy and Thought"; and (3) "Literature and Artistic Creation."  Dr. Enrique Martinez Garcia of UAO is the coordinator of the ‘Philosophy and Thought’ research area.

The CEINDO Humanities program adopts the classical model of doctoral education consisting of the "big book" type of dissertation as opposed to the more commonly known "taught model" in the United States consisting of passing a combination of doctoral courses, comprehensive exams, and writing a shorter dissertation. 

To be admitted to the CEINDO program, prospective students need to complete a Master’s thesis related to their intended area of research. In addition, CEINDO will likely require a research methodology course. Depending upon this doctoral program selected, they will offer a course for that area of research. CEINDO may also ask prospective students to make up any deficiencies by having them take additional masters courses from one of the three universities depending on their research interest. Masters students from Holy Apostles College and Seminary will have satisfied the course requirements by taking the four-course sequence in Christian Wisdom.

At the moment, UAO does not offer Masters courses in English; all are taught in the Spanish language. If prospective students want to do work on St. Thomas Aquinas, they will need to know some Latin. Dissertations can be written and defended in the English language.  


CEINDO offers a research doctorate in “Humanities for the Contemporary World.” In the United States, research doctoral programs typically award a “Doctor of Philosophy in [subject]” or PhD degree. According to a  Royal Decree (RD) 1002/2010 published by Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports (equivalent to the U.S. Department of Education in the United States), the title of CEINDO’s doctoral degree will be “Doctor in. . .” and the research area of the dissertation. Thus, a successfully defended doctoral dissertation in the "Philosophy and Thought" line of research will be award the candidate the title of “Doctor in Philosophy and Thought.”

All foreign degrees have to be evaluated for degree equivalency in the United States. The Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports describes the process and lists some of the credentialing agencies in its website:

You may also find helpful that the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports has a directory listing all of the affiliated Spanish universities and recognized degrees:

More about the program can be found here:

For additional information, you may contact Dr. Enrique Martinez Garcia at

● En Route Books and Media: Featuring Michela Beatrice Ferri, Ph.D

For those not familiar with her, Michela Ferri (a Roman Catholic writer who teaches Philosophy [Aesthetics and Aesthetics in Sacred Art] in for the “Holy Apostles College and Seminary Distance Learning Program") has recently published a beautiful work on contemporary sacred art entitled: Sacro contemporaneo. Dialoghi sull’arte, Milan: Àncora Editrice, 2016.
Immediately below is a video that the Italian Roman Catholic television station Telepace has dedicated to her book. In the video, 
Here, just in time for Advent and Christmas, you can see Michela speaking about the book inside the Museo Diocesano Tridentinum on 09 November 2016

An English version of Michela's work, entitled "Contemporary Sacred Art,” is forthcoming from En Route Books and Media, likely to be in print around Easter time.

Just in time for Christmas, see the following link for other recent publications through Sebastian Mahfood’s En Route Books and Media.

● Job Opportunity at American Philanthropic in Phoenix, AZ

American Philanthropic, a great organization, is hiring for a part-time position in their downtown Phoenix office. If this position might interest you, check out this link:

and get in touch with:

Jeremy Beer

Principal Partner, American Philanthropic, LLC; www.americanphilanthropic.com484-674-5142 (mobile)

● Jobs in Philosophy

For job hunters in philosophy not already familiar with them, see the links below for current job openings in Philosophy:

● Bob Pasnau's "In medias PHIL blog": 

For members of the medieval philosophical community interested in news and notes about the following topics, check the link below for a terrific resource:

  • Conferences
  • Jobs
  • People
  • Publications
  • Queries from Scholars
  • Study Opportunities

● Recent publications by The Polish Association of St. Thomas Aquinas, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Among several other works, The Polish Association of St. Thomas Aquinas has recently published Dr, John Grondelski’s first-ever translation of Karol Wojtyła’s Considerations on the Essence of Man. Also published in English is Fr. Andrzej Maryniarczyk’s Rationality and Finality of the World of Persons and Things.

For more information about these and other books by this Press, see:

● The Polish Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Check out the following links to obtain information about the recently-published Polish Encyclopedia of Philosophy

● Ignatius Press

For recent publications in Philosophy offered by Ignatius Press, see:

● St. Augustine Press

For decades, Bruce Fingerhut's St. Augustine's Press has a major outlet for production of great works in Catholic scholarship. Please check out the St. Augustine Press website at:

● The St. Austin Review Premier Journal of Catholic Culture, Literature, and Ideas

Those seriously interested in preserving and promoting Catholic culture will find the following journal to be a "pearl of great price." See:

● The Adler-Aquinas Institute

For those interested in helping preserve the best of classical Western education, check out the work of the Adler-Aquinas Institute at:

● The Angelicum Academy and Ignatius-Angelicum Liberal Studies Programs

Those interested in the best in Great Books homeschooling, leading to 60 college credit hours for high school home school students, check out these links:

● The New St. Thomas Institute and Taylor Marshall's Podcasts

Check out the creative work being done by Taylor Marshall at the following links:
● Upcoming Publications by Robert Wood: Bravo!
Our colleague at the University of Dallas, Bob Wood, tells me has just received a contract from CUA Press for a book on the heart, in which he will include a chapter on Aquinas. The manuscript of his second aesthetics book is due at Palgrave-Macmillan next month. As if this is not enough, he has a contract for a book, Ratio et Fides, is expecting another for an anthropology text. and a good chance exists that he will get another contract from a major press for for his three presidential addresses as president of the North Texas Philosophical Association.

● The Priority Thinking Institute

Check out recent articles by our Aquinas Leadership Institute colleague, executive leadership trainer, Peter DeMarco at:

● The London Center for Policy Research

For those interested in keeping abreast of key policy issues of our time related to topics like national security, risk analysis, and energy, see:

The Center for the Study of The Great Ideas Blogspot

For frequent updates related to current events and classical learning check out this link to blogspot for the Center for the Study of The Great Ideas:

● Telos Press

For those interested in keeping up with cutting-edge, contemporary political analysis, see:

● The Colson Center

For those interested in helping to build a movement of Christians and others with a like-minded world view, see:

● Alliance Defending Freedom

For those concerned about defending Christians against contemporary threats to religious freedom and ways to combat them, see:

● The Imaginative Conservative

See the great work being done by our colleague Christopher Morrissey, one of the brightest and creative scholars I know: 

● The Integrated Catholic Life: Stacy Trasancos

Our colleague Stacy Trasancos has been busy promoting the scholarship of Fr. Stanley Jaki and other worthwhile causes. See what Stacy has been up to recently at:

Holy Apostles College and Seminary Thomistic Studies Graduate Concentration in Christian Wisdom and the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Over the summer, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin started taking applicants for their Holy Apostles College and Seminary (HACS) affiliated online Ph.D. program. While several students applied for the program, the late announcement of this venture prevented us from successfully getting it off the ground in 2016. For the program to become activated in the fall of 2017, we will need 10 students enrolled. For further information, see:

Contact Fr. Pawel Tarisiewiecz, the Holy Apostles Dean for Affiliate Online Graduate Programs at:

Given this long advance notice, good possibility exists for its success if we start to spread word about it now!

Holy Apostles College and Seminary St. John Paul II Thomistic Studies Graduate Concentration in Christian Wisdom

The Holy Apostles College and Seminary Graduate Concentration in Christian Wisdom is now completely up and running. For information about this totally online program, see pp. 56 and 89 of the 2016–2017 Holy Apostles Catalog downloadable at:

Please pass the word about this program to those you think might find it of interest!

● Metaphysical Society of America Annual Dues Notice

Metaphysical Society of America secretary-treasurer Dr. George R. Lucas reports that MSA president-elect (2018) Richard Velkley has collected names from the membership, and with the help of the Executive Council has prepared a final list of nominees and biographies of those who have agreed to stand for election to office in the MSA this coming year. 

Only MSA members who have paid their dues for 2017 are eligible to vote. Ballots will be distributed via email to members who are current in their dues.  The MSA is moving to an entirely "online" system to eliminate the costs and logistical difficulties of regular mail and paper ballots.
For the future, dues of $35 will be assessed on December 1 of the preceding year, and must be paid online via credit card (  no later than the date of the annual meeting to remain current, and no later than the date of ballot distribution (approx 15 January each year) in order to vote for officers. For this year, if you paid your dues at either the former or current rate at any time ON OR AFTER JULY 1 2016, your dues are considered paid and current for 2017.  (If you're not sure, or pretty certain you haven't paid, go to the web link above and send in your support for Metaphysics for the coming year!)
Dr. George R. Lucas, Jr. (Ph.D.) is:
Visiting Distinguished Research Professor, 
Reilly Center for Science, Technology & Values
Notre Dame University
Distinguished Chair of Ethics, U.S. Naval Academy Emeritus
Author, ETHICS & CYBERWARFARE (Oxford University Press, 2016): ang=en&

The International Étienne Gilson Society (IEGS)

FYI, for those of you interested in joining the IEGS, immediately following is a link to a membership form that you can send to me to join The International Étienne Gilson Society:

Studia Gilsoniana Journal

Check out current volumes of the IEGS-affiliated Studia Gilsoniana Journal at:

Anyone interested in publishing an article for the Journal should check out the webpage for details.

The SGJ is interested in adding a “Book Review” section. Anyone who might be interested in becoming a book review editor for the Journal should contact SGJ editor Fr. Pawel Tarisiewiecz at:

The 2017 Étienne Gilson Lecture, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, University of Toronto: Richard Fafara

The 2017 Gilson Lecture is set for 5 April at 4 p.m. in Alumni Hall, University of St Michael's College in the University of Toronto. Our colleague, Adler-Aquinas Institute Fellow, Richard Fafara has been invited to join an impressive list of scholars to deliver that lecture. Congratulations, Richard! I will remind you about it in a future email.

For more information about this lecture series and prior lectures, see:

Caritas Consulting and the Catholic Education Foundation

For those interested in supporting Catholic philanthropic work and promoting Catholic education in general, contact our colleague Joe Indelicato at

Caritas Consulting:


the Catholic Education Foundation:

 Thanks to Ray Dennehy

Our thanks go to our colleague Ray Dennehy for recent publication of the following book review in the International Philosophical Quarterly:


 ● Great news about our colleagues John Deely and Des FitzGerald

While some of you might be aware that John Deely and Des FitzGerald had bouts with cancer this past year, I am pleased to inform you that I have spoken to both of them recently and they sounded terrific.